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David Henning Larson

Larson Larson
Evasion 36 x 30 $3,500 Dumb Show with Black Umbrella 30 x 24 $4,000


Larson Larson
The Balcony 28 x 23 $2,500 Aslyum with Two Nudes 43x22 $4,000


 I want all my work to reflect the density of our experience, so every character is part of us at one time or another.  The asylum is where we drop our guard - where we are placed sometimes reluctantly, sometimes with relief, where normality is a mask and we can accept a form that belies "normal' proportions and relations.  However, embracing normality is as absurd as embracing absurdity - what seems to be teeming with life can be allusive and point to our ultimate dilemma - our aloneness.  My reality is an infinitely meaningful absence of meaning.  I retreat from all points of view except this.  Hence I can only paint what I mean by refusing to mean what I paint.  "I think all the great works do not deal with morality, they simply are, and they don't take stands, they don't make moral issues out of things.  They basically articulate a mystery, which is a contradiction in terms I realize, but that's what art I think does, articulates the mystery."