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Dwight Wass

Plaque Owl
Bird n Fish wood assemblage 54 x 70 $5,800 Owl n mouse wood assemblage 40 x 72 $3,800
Rooster 3-dimensional wood and metal  36 x44 $1,800


Dwight Wass has always had a creative urge to build and when introduced to the art world by his mentor Chenoweth Hall at the University of Machias while studying Art History his work began.  Some liken his style to Benard Langis.  Dwight uses found materials to create assemblages and three dimensional figures and animals.  Some of his earliest work had to be moved by machinery they were so large.  Buyers from around the country own his work and he continues to build new works of wood and metal and displays them at his gallery Lincolnville fine Art Gallery.